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DrayTek V2620Ln

xDSL & 4G router
£ 218.30 ex VAT
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  • Multi-WAN Router with Failover
  • 4G/LTE with dual-SIMs for second backup telco
  • VDSL/ADSL Port for wired broadband
  • Ethernet (RJ45)
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack
  • 2 Gigabit LAN Ports
  • Removable LTE/4G Antenna
  • Built-in Wireless LAN (802.11n)
  • Dial-out LAN-to-LAN VPN
  • Incoming SSL VPN
  • VLANs (Port, 802.1q & Wireless)

Details / Specs

DrayTek's brand new 2620Ln router is ideal for shops, small offices, and home users who want to use LTE/4G as their backup or primary broadband connection. Compatible with ADSL, FTTC and FTTP (via one of the Ethernet ports), this router can failover to 4G if the primary connection fails, or can use 4G as the only connection method if you prefer.

It has removable LTE antennas for the best signal strength possible. These connectors also allow external directional or omni-directional antennas to be fitted, for even better 4G performance.

This router can also make a great 4G backup addition to an existing 28xx/29xx series Draytek router, by acting as a 4G bridge.

Full of useful features like remote management, dial-in and LAN-LAN VPN,

To get get everything into a small footprint, a couple of compromises have been made: This router only has two Ethernet ports (one if you have a full-fibre FTTP connection), so if you have mulitple wired devices to plug in, you may need a separate network switch. Secondly, the aeriels on this router are for the LTE/4G connection: the Wi-Fi aerials are internal, and have significantly reduced performance compared to other Wi-Fi capable routers in the Draytek range. If you want the benefits of LTE/4G backup, but want better Wi-Fi performance/more ports, please consider the Draytek V2862Ln or Lac routers.

We think this is an excellent router, and have had good feedback from customers who have deployed them. This router makes 4G backup more affordable, and for shops etc who need to keep trading/taking payments even when line faults/broadband issues affect their primary connection method, this can be invaluable.

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