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Snom M15-SC

Cordless DECT Handset

£ 48 ex VAT
Snom M215-SC

Cordless DECT Bundle

£ 82 ex VAT
Snom M25

Cordless DECT handset

£ 78 ex VAT
Snom M325

Cordless DECT Bundle

£ 142 ex VAT
Snom M5

Range Extending Repeater

£ 108 ex VAT
Snom M65

Cordless DECT handset

£ 120 ex VAT
Snom M70

Ruggedised cordless handset

£ 134.85 ex VAT
Snom M700

Multi-cell Base Station

£ 234.85 ex VAT
Snom M80

Ruggedised DECT handset

£ 217.85 ex VAT
Snom M85

Rugged cordless DECT handset

£ 287.85 ex VAT
Snom M90

Antibacterial DECT Handset

£ 333.85 ex VAT
Snom M900

Multicell Base Station

£ 279.85 ex VAT
Yealink DD10K

USB DECT dongle

£ 14.50 ex VAT
Yealink W52H

Additional cordless handset

£ 43.50 ex VAT
Yealink W52P

Cordless DECT bundle

£ 64.07 ex VAT
Yealink W53H

Additional cordless handset

£ 50.09 ex VAT
Yealink W53P

Cordless DECT bundle

£ 74 ex VAT
Yealink W56H

Additional cordless handset

£ 57.27 ex VAT
Yealink W60P

Cordless Handset Bundle

£ 78.98 ex VAT
Yealink W80B

Multicell DECT base station

£ 168 ex VAT
Yealink W80DM

Multicell DECT Manager

£ 168 ex VAT
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